Your ideal carpfishing holiday


The bottom of the lake is mainly gravel and the depths vary from 4ft up to 10ft. 
The North-Western side of the lake is the shallowest part of the lake with an average of 5ft and the deepest part is the South-Eastern. The depths on this side can reach 10ft. Because the bottom has some interesting features, it is wise to bring a marker rod, baitboat with fishfinder or a Deeper. Small depth differences can make a big difference in the result! The lake is almost snag and weed free. One rowing boat is available on site to use in case your line should be stuck in some snags.

fishing space

We only allow 4 fishermen on 3 hectares of water,

so that every fisherman is guaranteed privacy.

All swims are also accessible by car, so no towing.

impression of the fish stock
on old pollard lake

There are 3 well-known 20kg + carp (2 scab carp and a mirror carp), about 25 different 15kg + carp and the average weight of the carp is about 12-13kg. In addition to squat and mirror carters, three koi and some grass carp (up to 15kg +) swim on the water, some tench and a few bream. The water is also very suitable for the slightly less experienced fisherman.


The fish stock is very varied and is estimated by the owner Jos about 150 carps in the weight class 10 to 24 kg. Most fishermen go home with a nice catch.

growth ratio

The fish's natural food on Old Pollard Lake consists mainly of lobsters, snails, mussels and in the shallower areas some bloodworm. This makes them grow very well.


The soil is generally hard, with sand as the substrate and above it a sludge layer of about 5-15cm. The banks are overgrown with pollards so that you can

enjoy nature.

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